About us

A quiet and peaceful area with a mild climate, 30 km southwest of Kobe City, facing a scenic Seto Inland Sea and Awaji Island in front, and a distant view of Shodo Island and a range of mountains in Shikoku. That is Eigashima area in Akashi City. This area is also famous for the birthplace of Akashi Genjin, a kind of Homo erectus. This was mentioned in “ Manyoshu”, the oldest extant collection of poems, being called " Uosemi " . This was close to the old capital, leaving numerous ruins. Eigashima Shuzo Co., Ltd. is located in such area.

“Sincerity is our corporate philosophy“

We have been conducting business by doing things with sincerity, communicating with others with sincerity.


History of our quality

With a history of more than 100 years since our establishment, we have been respecting classic traditions and cultures, and at the same time, we have been responding to news needs without adhering to the old ways. We have been trying to be ahead of the times by repeating researches and developments. As a result, we have created many excellent products, including sake, shochu, mirin, wine, whisky, brandy, and attracted the attention and greatly contributed to our society.


Company information

Representative Mikio Hiraishi
Business Manufacturing alcoholic beverages
Head Office 919 Nishijima, Okubo, Akashi City, Hyogo 〒674-0065
Started in 1679
Established the company on 13thth May, 1888, with the capital of 30,000 yen
Capital 33,000,000 yen
Number of employees 41
Site area of head office 55,400 square meters
Office Tokyo Branch
4-2-12-105, Kinuta, Setagata, Tokyo 〒157-0073
Yamanashi Winery
1045-1, Shirasu, Hakushu, Hokuto City, Yamanashi 〒408-0315