Sticking to craftmanship

Rome was not built in a day.

Time raises mysterious spirit, that is whisky.

Our history
Since 1919 when we acquired the license for manufacturing whisky, we have been making whisky by our classic, traditional craftsmanship. Our whisky has been walking with the history of whisky in Japan, our whisky has been made by diligence and sincerity. Time raises whisky. Even the latest science does not elucidate the process of maturation completely. Times makes whisky amber golden and mysterious.

We import malt from UK, the motherland of whisky.
We draw water from wells, and use the groundwater for all of our products.

Maturing while listening to the Akashi sea breeze
We fill the colorless and transparent new pot whisky into oak barrel and mature in the warehouse. The new pot whisky breathes slowly inside the barrel, mingles with the trace components of the barrel. This gives amber golden color, profound aroma and gorgeous taste to the new pot whisky. This is how our whisky matures.

Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited.
Drinking alcohol during pregnancy or lactation may adversely affect the development of the fetus or child.